In 2017, ESSO made their SXSW debut in Austin, TX to industry insiders and cultural ambassadors performing for grassroots organizations and cultural showcases. They also made their international debut in April by touring in México and playing the prestigious Festival Cultural in Zacatecas headlining the festival on a Friday night. In July they would be tapped to open for their biggest audience yet, an opening slot for Mexico's unstoppable Cafe Tacvba at Chicago's biggest outdoor stage, the Petrillo Music Shell during the Taste of Chicago to a sold out crowd. 

With a West Coast/Southwest US summer tour completed by September 2017, the busy group released their sophomore full length studio album in their hometown Chicago. The new album "Juntos" was a critical success for the band as it was reviewed by publications across the US, Europe, and even highlighted on National Public Radio's (NPR) "Songs We Love" feature highlighting the band's collaborative song "Mi Gente" (featuring Rebel Diaz, AQ, Rojo Cordova) about people from all backgrounds and cultures facing daily socioeconomic challenges to find solidarity with one another through shared experiences and music.

Back from their second tour through Mexico in early 2018, ÉSSO has been busy this balancing their time on the road with select appearances in their home city of Chicago, while collaborating with national and local organizations to perform for social justice, educational programs and community events around the US. Their most recent performance was a Redbull Music Festival called Xicago showcasing the talents of the cities Latinx creatives. Their touring schedule continues to bring their contagious energy and sound to premier music venues and festivals across the Americas.

By 2016, the band was named "Best New Band" and "Best International/World Music Act" by the revered Chicago Reader's annual readers poll. They followed up their debut by releasing a free downloadable remix album entitled "Pueblo Unido," a full length collaboration album with their local community of music producers and DJs featuring guests reworking their original material. They then toured through the Midwest and East Coast behind the remix record performing in more cities and boosting their national visibility.

ÉSSO came to life in late 2013. Earning their start as the house band for a live music venue in downtown Chicago, the rotating members collaborated live onstage until a solid foundation assembled behind a growing setlist of original material. They tracked and released their first recordings online via Bandcamp and never looked back.

Immediately catching the attention of tastemaker promoters and booking agents, they began to play bigger venues and festival stages opening for national and international touring acts. Indefinitely writing new material, they recorded and released their eponymous full length debut album on Pérez' newly founded Sonic Octopus Recordings imprint in 2015. With their first LP in hand, the band toured through the Midwest to New Orleans and back garnering local and national attention.